Resetting the Vagus Nerve

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Knowing how to reset your Vagus Nerve – or being able to do it for your spouse, kids or friends is such an easy way to improve brain alertness, visual focus, energy and so much more. It's a simple tool/skill that I teach to my clients regularly – it's easy, fast and free!! The results are immediate.

The vagus nerve has become a very popular topic the last few years, and rightfully so – because it impacts so much of your health and well being. And . . . it's so easy to support its proper functioning!

Learning to reset your Vagus Nerve is a simple and easy skill that brings enormous benefit with it.

In the video I reference 2 sparkers. There is a lesser expensive one that is usually available on Amazon for less than $20 and for most people it works fine. The other is the one I use in my office and costs about $50. You'll need to call the supplier to order it as it's not listed on their website:

Lhasa Oms at 800-722-8775 and ask for the Deluxe Piezo Unit

On Amazon you can do a search for the Acu Point Pen.

Note: We filmed this video a number of years ago (with a very early edition iPhone) thus the poorer video quality, but I still teach it exactly the same way today!

If you don't have a sparker you can also get good results by simply tapping the same spots that Cheryl shows you to spark.

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