Bio Energy Balancing

Bio Energy Balancing
Bio Energy Balancing

Bioenergy Balancing

— is utilizing the bodies vibrational field via applied kenisiology.

Asking the body specific questions related to the Bioenergetics and biochemistry.

It is believed that we come into this life with a perfect blue print.

Over time with physical and emotional insults the body alters this perfect blueprint to accommodate the changes.

By using applied kenisiology we can ask the body to pinpoint when changes were made and use Chinese Vibrational medicines (ie: meridian lines) to clear the stuck energy which  then allows the  original pattern to restore itself.

Bioenergy Balancing is a discipline of bodywork based in both the Western medical principles of anatomy, physiology and biochemistry as well as Eastern traditions of chi (body energy) and the meridian/chakra system through which body energy travels.

Bioenergy Balancing provides a means for communicating with the body consciousness – the “silent partner” who orchestrates every physiological process in your body with exquisite timing and precision.  It also retains timeless recollection of every experience you have had.  Through the use of muscle testing methods, developed in Applied Kinesiology®, your bio-energy is given a “voice,” allowing you to access the insight, intelligence and wisdom of your body consciousness.


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