Equine craniosacral therapy on sensitive thoroughbred

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A sensitive horse receives equine craniosacral therapy from Elke Mastwijk, equine craniosacral therapist. Treatment was requested after the horse was moved to new premises, to help him relax and settle in. Percy's owner regularly provides holistic care for both her horses.

Percy was easily over stimulated by my touch because of his high sensitivity. As soon as I picked up on this I decided to let him move freely in response to my treatment. Giving him the opportunity to give me feedback on what I was doing by moving away or staying with me. It took a while to gain his trust. At some point I had to take a step back and take my hands off him, to give him space to process and to give him time to decide if he wanted me to continue. When I felt I had given him enough time, I walked away. Knowing that if he chose to follow me in "join up" I had gained his trust and treatment could proceed. He did follow me and we took a little walk together.

When I stopped, Percy stopped next to me, turned his head and blew softly into my nose. A sign of trust and acceptance; after this the dynamic of our interaction changed and treatment proceeded beautifully. I could help him release excess pressure on the right side of his head.

The session was photographed by equine photographer Linda Welsch. She captured magically the delicate interaction between me and Percy. The music the song "Dharma" is from Shannon Lyon. Who gave me permission to use it.

The cranio sacral therapist at work in this video is Elke Mastwijk. She lives and works in Amsterdam the Netherlands as an (equine) CranioSacral therapist and Alexander Technique Teacher. Read more about her work on her blog at www.paardencranio.nl / www.alexandertechniek.com / email info@paardencranio.nl

Photography/ copyright: www.lindawelsch.com. Music / copyright: "Dharma" by Shannon Lyon www.shannonlyon.com.

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