Cranial Osteopathy ( craniosacral therapy ) for problems breastfeeding, sleeping

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Cranial Osteopathy for problems breastfeeding, sleeping and baby not being relaxed
An 8 week old baby suffering from
-Problems breastfeeding
-not sleeping properly
-not a relaxed baby

After 2 osteopathic treatments
there was considerable improvement

The Israel Center for Osteopathy
(Jerusalem and Tel Aviv)

Ayala is 8 weeks old
We were recommended by
the Nursing Advisor,
to come for osteopathic treatment.
We came for treatment
for a few reasons.
Ayala was not relaxed (generally);
didnt sleep well. She would sleep
about from midnight to 2-3 am.
maximum 2-3 hours continuously.

She would occaisonally wake up
every hour .
Obviously this was very difficult.

Ayalla would breastfeed
for 3, 4 or 5 hours at a stretch.

After the first treatment
we saw improvement

After the second treatment
we saw considerable improvement
Ayala slept for 6-7 hours.

This was amazing;
Her feeding was also
very much improved.

Her feeds were more efficient
lasting 1 hr instead of 2 hrs.

I continue to see improvement.
I highly recommend
(osteopathic treatment).thank you

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