Tongue-Tie Releases and Craniosacral Therapy – Do You Need It?

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I help a lot of patients who are having tongue-tie releases. In the course of working with them, I'm sometimes asked if craniosacral therapy or other bodywork modalities can be helpful in getting the best results.

In this video, I'll explain why I think craniosacral therapy can be a very good idea for certain patients, especially babies.

When you consider the effects a tongue-tie (also known as a restricted lingual frenulum) can have on the rest of the body from the face and jaws all the way through the rest of the structure, it makes a lot of sense to give the body as much support and help as possible before and after the release procedure.

Myofunctional therapy exercises are the most important thing to do if you're having a tongue-tie released! This is being recognized by the majority of doctors doing the frenectomy, frenotomy and functional frenuloplasty procedures, which is very good news. But adding in craniosacral therapy is definitely worth considering.
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Disclaimer – The information in this video and on this YouTube channel is not medical advice. Please discuss this information with your doctor or health professional before undertaking anything suggested on this channel.

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