Equine CranioSacral – photo sequence

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A 2 minute film showing an equine cranio sacral therapy treatment of a gelding called Alivion.

Iin 2009 Alivion was 4 years old and privately owned. When I first saw him his owner had just initiated gentle training to prepare him for dressage. His owner provided excellent regular care for her gelding as well as holistic therapies like, osteopathy, acupuncture and massage. She called me in to address a right/left imbalance. The cranio sacral treatments made him calmer, and solved a gelding scar issue that was bothering him and pulling on his hind. The combination of techniques and the training methods the owner used payed off. By the time he was six he was happy, healthy and balanced and performing extremely well.

The cranio sacral therapist at work in this video is Elke Mastwijk. She lives and works in Amsterdam the Netherlands as an (equine) CranioSacral therapist and Alexander Technique Teacher. Read more about her work on her blog at www.paardencranio.nl / www.alexndertechniek.com / email info@paardencranio.nl

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