Craniosacral Osteopathy for baby with hypertonia, torticollis, colic

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I am Rachelli,The mother of Ella.
She is seven weeks old
After √Člla was born The doctors said she had hypotonia in the inner hands and she was very contracted and stiff after birth
I have just seen that she was not comfortable
It later developed into problems digesting she would have a bowel movement every three or four days
And there was a lot of pain and trying to excrete it just seemed it was all very hard for her
She also had torticollis quite severely
That was also explained to us was because of the birth
And we just felt she was not comfortable
It was also very hard for her to fall asleep
I whole-body was contracted and stiff everything
Everything she did is bath time going in the car we just filled everything in her life is difficult and she's just coming to the world
It's not supposed to be like this we have to help
We looked on the Internet and we got to Shanan
From the first treatments we saw significant improvement
Firstly the treatment is relaxing for the baby nothing hurts the baby The touch is very minimal
It doesn't look doesn't seem like it hurts the baby
It even seems nice for the baby
The treatment simply worked within three treatments there was a significant change improvement her hands she didn't hold her hand so tight
She slept better had I just have system
Her digestive system improved to far less struggling to defecate the faces were looser
The torticollis improved significantly it's now almost disappeared
It was before the treatment is very bad see used to hold her head to one side and now she holds it much more centrally
And that's it within four treatments I feel like I've been given a new child
We simply helped her to feel much better in the world and that's the great gift

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