Treatment for Plagiocephaly

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Among the many great things happening in this chapter of my life, I have been fortunate to have a dramatic influx of new patients that are babies, children, and youth. This is something I have been intentionally cultivating, as I have skills that can be of great help to their growth and development and I particularly enjoy working with them.

I am particularly grateful to the pediatricians who have been making these referrals and to a mom who blogged about her child’s experience with me when I treated his Plagiocephaly. Her blog has become extremely popular on Pintrest. She graciously gave me permission to put the link to “How we squeezed my baby’s head to avoid a helmet” on my website. It is in the links section or you can find it here:

Since many parents and doctors are not familiar with Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine or Osteopathy in the Cranial Field, they have many questions about what I do and what visits with me will be like for their children. I asked my Media specialist who runs my website and has a bachelors degree in Film to make the following video that addresses many of the frequently asked questions parents ask when they call to schedule appointments for their children.

Thanks to Kelsey Grimshaw, who filmed and edited this video, and to the children and their parents who gave permission for me to use footage obtained during regular appointments this month. Both of the children shown have seen me a number of times now and are nearing completion of their course of treatment.

There is more information about my practice and methods in the FAQ section of the website at . You are always welcome to call with questions and talk with Jenna, too.

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